Monofin: Finswimming in the UK

Neptune Finswimming Club at Swimathon

Finswimming is an exciting new craze that in recent years crossed the channel and is now sweeping the UK. Finswimming, whether it be with a monofin (a single large fin which attaches to both feet) or the more commonly known bi-fins, allow swimmers to achieve much faster speeds through the water and feel slightly closer to our good friends the dolphins!...

Finswimming Gala in Bristol

It has been a long time since we last had a finswimming competition in the UK. The landscape of the sport has changed a lot since then - the biggest clubs dissolved and many new appeared. It was our turn to take a lead...

Neptune Finswimming Club

If you’ve never heard of finswimming, it is fast version of ordinary swimming. In finswimming athletes use monofins or bi-fins to swim distances as fast as they can. As they use fins they can swim about 30% faster than 'conventional' swimmers. Type 'finswimming' into YouTube to watch the videos and you'll see what a beautiful sport it is! ...

Northern Lights Finswimming Club

In October we will be celebrating one year since the creation of Northern Lights Finswimming Club. At the beginning of the 2011-12 season thanks to our considerable efforts to promote the club we were rewarded with the chance to put Northern Lights on the map, widening the awareness of underwater sport in our region, by taking part in the 4th round of the World Cup in Finswimming which took place in Gliwice, Poland and in the Dutch National Championships in Eindhoven. At the end of the season the club arranged annual time trials in association with fellow underwater swimmers from Phlauen, Germany. This year the club plans to take a more active part in a variety of competitions both at national and international level.

Cassandra Sponsorship Appeal

dear friends of finswimming ...

2011 doesn't seem to be the year of my daughter and british finswimming champion cassandra ... though she trains like mad and swims one PB after the other problems out of the pool prevent her from competing in her chosen sport ... it has proven impossible, to find her a sponsor and we therefore had to cancel this years participation at the JEC in hungary ... even nationally (here in spain) only one competition will be paidfor by the association, the rest will have to be funded by me ... since i've been out of a job for more than a year now, i find that more and more difficult ... we will therefore be able to send her to one competition only and that only with your help ...

London Finswimming Team Wins Cup at the National Championship

The "FinWorld Finswimming Club" came home with the cup today they won at the "BFA Short Course and Student National Championships". For the first time since 2002 the cup was wrestled away from the titleholder, the "Invicta Finswimming Club" based in Edenbridge.
finswimming: starting a distance Finswimming is a form of swimming when athletes use a monofin or flippers (called bifins or stereofins) to move their body through a distance and snorkel or aqualung for breathing. Distances for competition are similar to ordinary swimming:

Surface (when monofin and snorkel is used): 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m
Surface bifins: 50m, 100m, 200m
Immersion (monofin + air tank): 100m, 400m, 800m
Apnea (monofin, no breathing): 50m

Relay: 4x50m, 4x100m, 4x200m
In addition, 25m surface and apnea distances are available in 25m pools.

In the UK finswimming is governed by British Finswimming Association (BFA)

How can I get into finswimming? The easiest way is to contact a nearest club. As a club member you will attend training sessions and participate in competitions.