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Finswimming Snorkels

The snorkel is one of the main attributes of the Finswimmer. This is not just a training aid but is also mandatory to be worn in competitions for the surface and bi-fins events.

What is special about the finswimming snorkel?

Durability is a biggest difference. If you ever seen finswimming competitions, you probably realised how fast swimmers progress through their distances. The snorkels must be robust to survive the resistance from the water. As well as that, swimmers dive off the blocks, so the snorkels have to continuously survive breaking against the water. If you ask any finswimmer how many snorkels they have had in their lifetime, they will most certainly tell you 2-3 max, and the only reason they changed was because they wanted a different colour.

Classic snorkels (click to shop)

Most finswimming snorkels are handmade. They are comprised of a plastic tube curved into the shape of snorkel, a metal forehead band and a rubber strap. The snorkel is rigid from top to bottom with no valves. Some finswimmers use an attached mouthpiece, but most of professional and top level finswimmers don't.

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The finswimming snorkel doesn't have a valve to let the water out, despite the water getting into the snorkel regularly. From the early days finswimmers learn how to blow the water out from the snorkel. For younger children, due to their lung capacity, it is difficult to use adult size snorkels. That is why narrower, junior snorkels exist for children up to the age of 11-12 years old.

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