Neptune Finswimming Club
14th of April, 2015

Neptune Finswimming Club at Swimathon

Finswimming is an exciting new craze that in recent years crossed the channel and is now sweeping the UK. Finswimming, whether it be with a monofin (a single large fin which attaches to both feet) or the more commonly known bi-fins, allow swimmers to achieve much faster speeds through the water and feel slightly closer to our good friends the dolphins! Swimming with a monofin is quick, effective, but certainly physically draining over large distances. Two months ago the Neptune Finswimming Club in Bristol was primarily focused towards sprint training for shorter distances (25m - 400m), however the Marie Curie Cancer country-wide Swimathon instantly grabbed our club's attention - "A chance to help an extremely worthwhile cause? Whilst at the same time pushing the boundaries of our sport to the limit?... We're in!!". Since then, our club members have increased their distance training into the realms of 1km - 3.5km and feel ready to add an extra spice to this years Swimathon. We have already managed to raise a lot of sponsorship for Marie Curie and we hope in this last week to increase this further.

Our members talk

Warwick competing in London

Warwick: "After loosing my Uncle to cancer and also knowing friends who have had similar tragedies, I know how important the help that Marie Curie offer can be to those who so unfortunately confront this disease. There are alarmingly high statistics of cancer victims out there and it can happen to anyone. To know that there are dedicated people to help must make all the difference if you were to find yourself in that situation. In order to raise sponsorship money, and enable Marie Curie to continue the essential job that they do, I originally intended to swim mono-fin for 1.5km. I then however decided to use distance as bargaining power for more sponsorship... Thanks to my supporter's generosity (and to my stupidity) I'm currently only 5 pounds away from having to swim 4km. If I reach £200 I will swim 4.5km and for £250 I will do the full 5km with a monofin!! A massive good luck shout to all the swimathon competitors who are taking part (especially those unfortunate souls who end up in the lane next to ours .....we tend to splash a bit!), and to Bristol South Swimming Pool, who have been so accommodating in our plight to take part in this challenge." Sponsor Warwick

Anton on competition in London

Josh: "I'm doing the Swimathon as I believe it is for a good cause, and charities such as this, are worth putting my time and effort into. I have been training with Neptune finswimmers for nearly a year now, they are a good bunch of guys and are really dedicated to their training. When I found out that they were planning to take part in the swimathon, I knew I just had to sign up!!"Sponsor Josh

Sofija, 12: Sofija joined Neptune Finswimming Club recently. She used to do finswimming in Estonia before and now she is consistently demonstrating great results. Sofija is going to swim 2.5km to raise money for the Marie Curie charity. Please sponsor Sofija.

Andrei. Open water training

Anton, 11: Anton started finswimming at the age of 7 and participated in all recent finswimming competitions in the UK. "I believe this event is a good way to raise money for Marie Curie charity and everyone they are helping. I will challenge myself with 1.5km to help raise money for this cause. Please sponsor me." Sponsor Anton

Andrei: "I believe that by participating in Swimathon I will do my small bit in helping Marie Curie charity to raise money and help people. I was focusing on short sprints in my training during last years, therefore 1.5km sounds like a real challenge which I'm going to take for this good cause." Sponsor Andrei

Neptune Finswimming Club